Custom Commercial ThermoForming

Img 5779 Is your business in need of customized displays, structures, or prototypes built to a specific detail? Fullbore Innovations can use our incredibly efficient method of plastic thermoforming to create specific plastic displays, custom framing for municipal vehicles, recreational vehicles, structures, and more! We can build just what you need with a wide variety of different materials, and we can do it efficiently, within a timeframe and price that works for you. As a local, service-oriented custom thermoforming company, we want to make sure that our customers get the product they need, made to their exact specifications.

Some of the custom commercial thermoforming products we create include:

  • Display housing
  • Custom structures
  • Items for municipalities like framing for police vehicles and bus stop shelters
  • Custom packaging

And much more. Call us today and find out how we can help your business!

Other materials include Acrylic, TPR, Polycarbonate, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, Polyethylene, and Kydex.

We’ve equipped our shop with several different high-speed machines with various thermoforming capabilities, including:

  • 24″x36″ single station
  • 22″x28″ single station
  • 54″x82″ double station
  • 5’x10′ single station
  • 7’x9′ double station

Vacuum ThermoForming for Commercial Uses

Img 5903

If you’re not entirely familiar with what vacuum thermoforming is, let us explain! Technically speaking, it is the manufacturing process where a plastic sheet gets heated to an optimal forming temperature. It’s then formed into a specific shape in a given mold. It can be a custom mold formed by us or provided by the customer. It then gets trimmed to create a final, usable product. At Fullbore Innovations, we have over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in creating custom forming of any formable plastic and specialize in high definition forming and unparalleled quality on either large or small runs for all of your business needs.

Our Mission at Fullbore Innovations

We take great pride in our customer’s projects from concept to completion. Specializing in rapid prototyping and full-scale production, if you only have a sketch or an idea, we offer many ways to bring your idea to life, including reverse engineering and 3-dimensional scanning. Our goal is to design products that exceed industry standards through stellar re-design and the use of proprietary materials. Our product line’s goal is to maintain a high level of service and support in the years to come. With fast turn around times and competitive pricing, Fullbore Innovations is your local choice for expert custom plastics!